1. timberhitchco:

    Thomas & Hannah | Lynchburg, VA via Timber Hitch 

    Photos of my wife and me taken by Chelsea and Tucker of Timber Hitch. They’re the best!




  4. (Source: foxrunblog)


  5. foxrunblog:

    I’m a morning person.

    I love mornings.

    I love to sleep late a not talk and drink lots of coffee. Then maybe sleep again.

    I love mornings.

    People who wake up totally energetic are not morning people. They are afternoon people. They wake up ready for the middle of the day when stuff needs to be done and talkativeness is necessary.

    Mornings are not those times.

    Mornings are for reverence and reflection and calm.

    I’m a morning person.


  6. Hometown - Short Film.

    I shot this almost a year ago now. It was my first time writing and directing, and we had a crazy shooting schedule. We shot the whole thing in about 2.5 days on a budget of nothing. 

    It stars Keegan Mcguire and Jody Johnston.


  7. I’m releasing my short film Hometown this weekend. Stay tuned. 



  9. lindseymariepatkos:

    Woke up at 5 am to catch the sunrise and run around new parts of the Blue Ridge with these handsome gentleman.

    Went on some adventures today with some of my favorite people. More photos/video coming soon. It was a blast. 


  10. My lady is selling some clothes. If you’re a lady too, check it out. 


    I’m workin on scaling back my wardrobe before I MOVE TO VIRGINIA IN A COUPLE WEEKS!!!! Yay!

    Anyway, I have a few clothing items I’d like to sell, all in the xs range. Some of it is brand new and just didn’t fit or I decided I didn’t need it. There’s one vintage maxi skirt (beige/cream) in…